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What is Yahoo Auction Japan?

Japanese online auction Yahoo - is the most popular auction platform in Japan, where everyone can sell their stuff. Sellers on Yahoo Auction consist of Japanese residents and Japanese shops. You can buy used or unique items for a variety of prices. New and unused items sold through Japanese yahoo auction are sold much cheaper than at the store.

Problems with using Yahoo Auction

Yahoo auction is made for the Japanese market, so Japanese residents don't have any problems buying on Yahoo Auction. Problems occur foreigners, bidding from their respective countries overseas.

  1. You can't register on Yahoo Auction.
    To register on yahoo auction, you required to have a japanese phone number. This is almost impossible to register for most of the overseas users.
  2. Hard to understand item description.
    Even if you find a way to register, the next step is to find the item you want. However, if you don't speak japanese well, it's very hard to understand the details about the item you want. This is crucial when buying something online; you need to read about the item! The description and the condition of your item is very important.
  3. Hard to negotiate with a seller on Yahoo Auction.
    If all goes well... bid has won. Now you need contact with a seller and negotiate about payment and other details. Japanese don't all speak english, in fact, more commonly online sellers do not, so you need to be quite fluent in Japanese to negotiate with the seller.
  4. Hard to make payment.
    After negotiation you need to make your payment. Most of the sellers don't want to receive payments from overseas and it's hard to make a payment on Yahoo if you don' have Japanese bank account.
  5. Hard to ship parcels.
    Even if you completed the previous 4 steps, you still need to receive your items. Japanese usually don't want to send items outside of Japan. Even if they send it, local sellers don't know about international shipping features and they don’t package items correctly, so you can't be sure that your item will reach you intact.

Buying from Yahoo Japan with Sendico - the easy middle man between the foreign buyer and Japanese sellers.

With Sendico you can buy from Yahoo auction without any troubles and don't think about any of the problems above.

  1. Simple registration.
    You don't need a Japanese phone number or bank account. Just fill in a short registration form and you are ready to bid on Yahoo.
  2. Understandable items description.
    On our page, thanks to our advanced and trusted translation, you can use Yahoo Japan Auction in English. While English is not our first language, we have worked hard to explain all necessary item details so you can buy your item without a problem. If you need additional information about an item or you have any questions regarding your item, please contact us and we are happy to help in English.
  3. We are always negotiating with sellers for our clients.
    With Sendico, you don't need to contact with the Japanese seller. When your bid wins, you have become an item owner. Negotiation, payment and delivery we will discuss with the seller by ourselves.
  4. Simple payments.
    It's easy and straightforward to make your payment towards us. We receive payments from any country by various payment methods. We are always ready to refund you your money if you change your mind about buying an item. We make the payments to sellers from our trusted Japanese bank account, so you will never have any problems with paying on Yahoo. Your items will always be payed quickly.
  5. Yahoo auction safe delivery.
    Delivery from Japan - our main service. We have been working professionals since 2013. We have perfected the craft of packaging our items to the best of our abilities. Merchandise always leaves our warehouse carefully packaged and ready for international shipping conditions, leaving you calm and confident that your items will be delivered intact.

With Sendico, shopping from a Japanese Yahoo Auction is no more complicated than shopping at an online store in your city. Made easy and familiar by us, Sendico