— is a Buying Service for Japanese Websites. We provide fast, reliable, efficient and affordable buying service.

All goods are delivered to our warehouse in Japan. There, they are sorted and then are sent to our customers addresses overseas.

1. Search for items on Yahoo Auctions or other Japanese online shops.

2. Pay for items, services and shipping via PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer.

3. We consolidate your items and send parcel to your address.

We have been successfully working in the market of online shopping abroad for many years. In Japan, we have a large and modern warehouse, which allows us to handle almost any number of incoming and outgoing goods and parcels.

Our company is registered in Japan. Company office and warehouse are geographically located on the Honshu island, Toyama-ken, Toyama-shi.

Sendico is a registered trademark owned by Sendico Corp.

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Important: We are NOT a Package Forwarding Service. Please don't use our warehouse address for your own online shopping on Japanese websites. If you purchase something from some Japanese online store by your own and send it to our warehouse, we will reject this package. All orders must be processed through your My Sendico page by filling Online Stores Order Form.

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