Fee Details Payment Timing
Item Price When placing your bid
Sendico Service Fee
Inland (Japan) Shipping Fee After the package arrives in our warehouse
Consumption Tax (if the seller charges the tax)
Contents Checking Service Fee (optional)
International Shipping Fee After the parcel is packaged and ready for international shipping
Package Consolidation Fee (optional)
Protective Packaging Service Fee (optional)
Stretch Film Wrapping Service Fee (optional)

When you place a bid on the auction, a sum of your bid plus Sendico Service Fee is blocked (hold) in your purse. After the package arrives in our warehouse in Japan we know all other exact costs for this purchase. At this time blocked sum (hold) in your personal purse is replaced by payment for purchase of this auction.

International Shipping fee and other parcel costs (optional services) are paid separately and only if there is enough money in your purse. When you compile the parcel from one or several packages, we will pack it and bill you purse for total parcel costs. If you have enough funds in your purse, the parcel will be paid and sent in 1-2 business days.

If after the auction package arrives in our warehouse your purse balance became negative, we kindly ask you to pay off your debt as quickly as possible, because we will store not fully paid items for a limited period: not more then 60 days.

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