Group multiple items together and ship internationally as one package!

The Package Consolidation Service allows you to group multiple items together and ship it as a single package! Once you have several items at the Sendico warehouse, you can easily select them from your My Orders and apply for package consolidated compile!
* A separate fee 500 yen per parcel will be charged for use of the Package Consolidation Service.

Notice: It happens rarely that the packages weigh more when combined than shipped individually depending on the package content or shape.

Terms and Conditions

* The package cannot be changed once the application has been made

Please make sure that you select all the items you wish to group together when you submit your application.
The package cannot be changed once you have submitted your application.

We do not accept adding a new item to an already consolidated package as well as canceling consolidation. Therefore, please make sure that you request this service after all of the packages you would like to have consolidated, have arrived at our storehouse.

* Consolidated items limit

If the total weight of packages selected for consolidation is heavier than 20kg, your packages will not be consolidated.

* The packing method cannot be specified

In general your items will be grouped together in the same package they arrive in, but our warehouse staff may repack certain items that do not easily fit together.

For fragile items or items that require extra packaging, please apply for the Protective Packaging Service.

* Certain items are ineligible for consolidation

It may not be possible to consolidate items with irregular sizes or fragile items into one package. Such as: golf clubs, guitars, umbrellas, laundry poles, skateboards, walking sticks, etc.
In the event that this happens, Sendico will contact you within two working days to discuss how best to ship the items.

* Certain items may incur customs charges

Customs duty is calculated according to the value of the package. By grouping items together, you may incur additional or increased customs charges.
You are responsible for paying any charges incurred.
* Please note that it is not possible to consolidate items which have a value of 0 yen. Please enter the correct value of the item before applying for the service.

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