Sendico Service Fee is low, fixed and simple.
It is 500 Yen for each order (purchase).

No hidden costs.
No percentages from cost.
No payment fee.
It's just as simple as ¥ 500.

Fees and costs examples (EMS)

Light weight shipment

(CD, DVD, Poster, Cards etc.)

Item: DVD x 1

Weight: 250g

Destination: USA

Item price: 1,050 Yen

Commission fee: 500 Yen

Domestic delivery: 350 Yen (estimated)

Overseas shipping: 1,200 Yen

Shipping insurance: free

TOTAL: 3,100 Yen

Medium weight shipment

(Fishing reel, Book, Shoes etc.)

Item: Shimano fishing reel

Weight: 1,52kg

Destination: USA

Item price: 30,000 Yen

Commission fee: 500 Yen

Domestic delivery: 500 Yen (estimated)

Overseas shipping: 3,600 Yen

Shipping insurance: 50 Yen

TOTAL: 34,650 Yen

Heavy weight shipment

(Audio Amplifiers, Car/Bike Parts etc.)

Item: Accuphase audio amplifier

Weight: 24,5kg

Destination: USA

Item price: 298,000 Yen

Commission fee: 500 Yen

Domestic delivery: 1,500 Yen (estimated)

Overseas shipping: 30,500 Yen

Shipping insurance: 700 Yen

TOTAL: 331,200 Yen

For Sendico, there are many cases where several individual users end up winning auctions from the same seller at the same time. In order to make sure that the items are properly separated and identified, we require sellers to ship each auction's items individually with a different tracking number.

Due to this requirement, different auctions of the same seller are processed separately, shipping from the seller and Sendico fee are charged separately for each auction.

We do this so we can connect each package to the correct auction and to the correct customer, and hope that you understand why we cannot ask sellers to ship multiple auctions to us together.

# Optional services (on client's request) Link Price
1 The fee for checking contents of package received from the seller with the photos and description. Read more ¥ 500
2 The fee for grouping multiple packages together. Read more ¥ 500
3 The fee for adding padding and other protective materials to the parcel. Read more ¥ 500
4 The fee for wrapping packaged parcel with protective stretch film. Read more ¥ 200