Payment methods

What is a Deposit and how is it used?

A deposit in your Sendico account purse allows you the freedom to bid on items in Yahoo JAPAN Auction website and the shopping sites as well as the personal shopping service available to you on our site by using the deposit as collateral for any of the items you are interested in bidding on or shopping for.

You can add funds in your purse balance using:

(1 minute, Commission 3.7 % + 40 yen)

The safer way to pay any goods and services all over the web! Free to open a PayPal account and join Sendico.

VISA, MasterCard and JCB
(1 minute, Commission: 3.1% + 5 yen)

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express cards, instant transfer!
Attention! Our service are checking for frauds.

Bank Wire Transfer
(1-3 business days)

International transfer service using your bank account! Download the Invoice and send it to your bank.
Recommend for big amount

(手续费2.3 %+10日元)


(手续费2.3 %+10日元)


(手续费2.4 %+5日元)