We can deliver goods not only from the Yahoo Auctions, but also from a variety of online stores in Japan.

Direct access to the auctions and online shopping

On Sendico you can bid at the auctions and make orders from online stores by yourself in real time. This means that you don't depend on the operator who manually enters bid for you. You can track the items and bid at any time, 24 hours a day.

Low and fixed service fee

Sendico service fee is only 500 JPY per auction or order. And it is fixed. No hidden fees. No percentages, calculated from the item price. No payment or bank transfer fee. It is profitable to buy expensive goods through our service.

Optional services

We have optional services for you: Package Contents Checking, Package Consolidation, Protective Package and Stratch Film Wrapping. All optional services fees are low and fixed. Pay only for services you really need.

Monitoring of order statuses

We track and report to clients all stages of the transaction, from the moment the auction was won by the dispatch of parcels to the client. All items and packages have their status, which allows to track the state at any time.

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