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How the order form works?

Step 1.

Choose item you need in any Japanese online store.
You can start your search on this famous megastores:,,,

Copy the link of your future purchase in a special form up on this page. Fill in the title of the product.

Be sure to specify the required number, equipment, size or color in comments.

Step 2.

Order form in completed. Click "Proceed to the 2nd step" button.
Your order will move to the "My Orders" section with the status "waiting to be processed".
Our consultants check your order (not longer then a business day), and then your order gets a "awaiting payment from client" status.
All you have to do is pay for it. After your payment, the status chenges to "purchase process".

If for some reason the selected item is out of stock or purchase is not possible, the order will receive the status "Canceled" and funds will remain in your purse.
You can order something else or simply refund them back.

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