1. Find your item

Enter a search word or item ID (for Mercari or Yahoo Auction)

  • Searching on the main page will go through all market places we provide.
  • Searching from the store page will show results only from chosen shops.

If you write in the search bar "JAPANESE ITEMS" nothing will be found. You need to click the button and translate it, then click "search" again and check the result.

2. Top-up wallet

After you find the item you want to buy, you need to top-up your wallet with funds.

If you will lose your bid, all funds will be returned to your wallet.

We reccomend to add the MAX amount to your wallet in case the price will rise by other bidders.

We accept VISA / MasterCard / Paypal / Alipay payments

More about payment methods

3. BID

Bids are held for each item and the item auctioned goes to the highest bidder.
(Some items have a "buy now" button. You can choose this option if you rather not enter a bidding war and want to buy it at the listed price. You can find more information in "BUY NOW")

If you have enough funds to bid, the button "place bid" is available during the auction.

After clicking on the button, you will get taken to the confirmation window.

Current price - price on the current auction.

Your bid - it's the amount you want to bid. Your bid, even at the lowest bid, needs to be slightly higher than the acutioned start price. Your lowest bid might not win your auction item. If other buyers choose to bid against your first offer, the price of item will rise. The highest bidder will win the item.

Qty - quantity you want of the item.

Commission - Sendico's commission (always 500 yen)

Tax - Some sellers also charge TAX(10%).

Total - Amount of all fields. If you lose the auction, all amounts will be returned to your wallet.

Add comment - For some items, its necessary to select details about this item; such as the color you want, size or any other particular details. Please leave your requests in the comment section for us.

ATTENTION! Once you've placed your bid, you cannot cancel it.


If your bid is the highest bid when the action ends-congratulations! You've won the auction and your item. In your "order page" you will find all details about your order. We will do all the shipping and paymnent negotiations with the seller. All you need to do is wait until the order will arrive at our warehouse.


If your bid lost, our system will return your funds to your wallet. You can re-bid a higher price or leave it as lost bid and try to find another item.

3. Buy Now

For some auctioned items, you don't need to wait until the auction will begin or be over. Some have button to "buy now".

If you have enough funds to bid, the button "buy now" will become active in the auction page.

After cicking on the button, you will get a confirmation window.

Commission - Sendico's commission (always 500yen)

Buy Now price - the price you can buy this item.

Qty - quantity you want of the item.

Add comment - you can leave the comment as color, size etc.

Amounts will be holded from your wallet after you place the bid.

2. Top-up wallet

After you found the item you want to buy, you need to top-up your wallet.

We accept VISA / MasterCard / Paypal / Alipay payments.

More about payment methods

3. Buy

If you have enough money in your account, the button "buy" will become clickable.

After you click, you can see the ATTENTION window.

It means, if you accept the agreement, your item will be purchased automatically.

ATTENTION! You can't cancel once you click " I AGREE"

You can check the order status in your account. Please wait until your item has arrived at our warehouse.

2. Create the order

Add to the cart the item you want to buy on Rakuten or Yahoo shopping.

Please specify the quantity of the item you want to buy.

You can also leave a comment about the details of your item such as color, size etc.

Please check you cart after you add the item/s.

At the cart you can check the quantity of your item and press "confirm".

Then in your order page, you can see new orders with the status "Pending".

Sendico will charge fees for each order, not for each item.

3. Pay for your order

After we make an estimation for your order, you can confirm or cancel it.

You can check the payment amount in your wallet.

If you have enough money in your wallet, please press "pay' and we will go to purchase.

2. Create the order

If you want to order something from stores we don’t have in our Sendico page, please send us the "order form".

Please copy the link of the item you want to buy.

Then please fill in and complete the order form and send it to us.

You will get a new order in status "pending".

3. Pay for your order

After we make an esestimation for you, you can confirm or cancel it.

The payment amount due, you can check in your wallet.

If you have enough money in your wallet, you just press "pay' and we will purchase.


We will send you a notification about your order by email.

When your order arrives at our warehouse, you will be able to make the parcel request.

You need to open your orders, and choose which items you wish to have shipped. Once you have selected your items you want, we will begin to package them.

For next step, you will be able to create invoice. This information will go to customs during the shipping.

ATTENTION!!! All descriptions you make/change to your invoice can effect custom and taxes.

All parcels are sent as commercial, not gifts.

Next, you will be able to choose the shipping method.

ATTENTION!!! Shipping fees shown you are meant as an example/minimum price. It can change dependending on the weight and size of your parcel.

For the last step, you will need to confirm the information about your parcel and choose the option for packing.

Automatically ship the parcel - We will charge and ship your parcel automatically as soon as we repack it. (only if there is positive balance in your wallet).

Package Consolidation - Consolidation for more than one item per order in one parcel will usually make your shipping expenses lower. We remove all unnecessary newspapers and other packing materials from the sellers when they send your item. We repackage it to make it more safe and with our expertise services from our Sendico packaging team.

Protective Packaging - we suggest protective packing if you aren't sure about the delivery services in your country. We will make sure to pack it with great care and consideration.

Stretch Film Wrapping - We will cover your parcel by stretch film.

Comment - You can leave your requests for packaging.

ATTENTION!!! In some cases, our warehouse workers will charge for protective packaging, if they think the item requires special packaging it to be delivered safely to you.

5. Payment for Parcel

When your package is done, the status will become "awaiting for payment".

You can choose "automatically ship the parcel":

Payment for your parcel will be charged automatically. If you have enough money in your account, it will be shipped.

If the balance in your account is negative, you need to make deposit.

If you didn't choose "automatically ship the parcel", we will pack it and then wait for your agreement for your payment.

You need to click "pay" from your parcel page.

6. Parcel dispatching

After status of your parcel changes to "Awaiting dispatch", you don't need to do anything further. We will ship the parcel as soon as possible.


Pending - We received a new order from you and we will make an estimation and let you know.

Awaiting payment from client - We made estimation and are waiting for your agreemnt and payment.

textsms Negotiation - We are negotiating with the seller about shipping methods such as address etc., no need for any action on your side.

shopping_cart Purchase - We got the payment for your order and going to purchase.

Paid to seller - Everything is a success, we paid the seller and are awaiting for it's arrival to our warehouse.

store_mall_directory Warehouse - Your order has arrived. Now you are able to make the parcel.

flight_takeoff Dispatched - Your order was shipped to you.

done_all Received - You received your order, please leave feedback about our service. We appreciate your feedback.

Canceled - Your order was canceled and the amount returned was to your wallet.

Utilized - We utilized the order, only after agreement from the user.


Awaiting for packaging - We got information about your parcel and we will pack it soon.

Awaiting for payment - Parcel was packed and we are waiting for your payment.

Awaiting dispatch - We received payment for your parcel, it will be shipped soon.

Dispatch - Your parcel was dispatched.

Received - Your parcel was received.